Thoughts while listening to the Babble On Project…

I was just listening to the recap of the Mind War on the Babble On Project’s Babylon 5 rewatch and I was struck by a realization: Catherine Sakai = Anna Sheriden, as in she was supposed to vanish in Zha’hadum, and Sinclair was going to be all broken up about it, and then he would move on to Delenn. This is because Sinclair was never SUPPOSED to be replaced, hence Delenn eye-sexing him during Parliament of Dreams as a set up to their eventual relationship. The reason we had the whole season 2 opening backstory about Sheriden’s archaeologist wife being dead was because we were supposed to have it set up back in Season 1, with accompanying foreboding commentary by G’Kar telling Catherine how badly it will effect the commander if she disappears.

I’m sure I’m the last person in the B5 community to realize this.

But seriously, what a different effect that would have had on the series! With us seeing the early passionate stages of Sinclair’s relationship with her, the heartbreak of her death, then her reappearance. The brainwashing would have been much more obvious because we would have actually seen her alive, and there never would have been a need for the backstory update we get when Sheridan appears. Can you imagine Catherine Sakai doing all of the scenes Anne Sheridan performed instead?

Mind = blown.